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Updated: Nov 29, 2022


Reiki is an ancient healing practice that addresses the connection between the physical and energetic bodies.


Reiki is a healing technique developed by Mikado Usui of Japan in the early 1900s. Reiki was derived from the Japanese words 'rei' and 'Ki,' meaning universal and vital energy that flows in all living things. By soothing contact, the energy healing practice known as Reiki promotes relaxation and lowers stress and anxiety. The Reiki practitioner's hands improve the circulation and equilibrium of the energy they employ to boost the body and aid recovery. In addition to this, Reiki helps patients with mental and physical issues, such as sleeplessness, frustration, sadness, panic, and agony, which may be supported by practicing Reiki. For instance, evidence indicates that Reiki may reduce tension, anxiety, and discomfort in patients. The average length of a Reiki session is 50-90 minutes. The therapist will delicately place their palms down, on, or just above the body in certain energy regions and can done while the person is completely clothed on a therapy table.

In Reiki energy healing, the practitioner uses themselves as a conduit and harnesses the power of "Chi"to clear and remove energetic blockages that have come to exist as a result of physical and emotional trauma. "Chi" is the life force energy that exists in us and all organic matter around us. The Breath is the one of the first access points in cultivation of "Chi" Individuals can easily learn to use breath to move Chi with some practice.

At Honeys we believe this modality is an essential self care treatment tool. Every Occupational Therapy session includes reiki treatment and because Reiki is a householder tradition, patients are encouraged to develop a home practice as they would an exercise routine. Reiki can also be a beautiful tool to address caregiver stress or burnout for those caring for those have a cancer diagnosis. It is important to address the needs of caregivers as they are pillars of strength on why patients rely.


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